Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've joined the SFR Brigade.  What's that?  It's an online group.  SFR is short for "Science Fiction Romance" the subgenre that most of my work falls into.  [Grammar moment:  into which most of my work falls?] 

Big Smiley to see my name on their roster.  Looking forward to getting to know some of the other authors. Now to get the SFR Member Badge installed on my blog. 

Oh heckuva.  That was too easy.  More Big Smileys.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Been wandering around all day on the Kindleboards--looking at books, buying books, talking to people (but really more buying books). 

I'm finding the possibilities exciting.

Seems like a great group, for the most part.

Calla  @>---------


I've just discovered Kindle Boards

I'm a little overwhelmed, but there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here. Now to find the time to sift through it all.

So far, the old pro members have been very welcoming.  I'm sure I'll have my share of "dumb newbie" moments. 

Calla  @>---------


Hi and welcome to my blog.

Calla Knight, aspiring author here.  I write science fiction romance/paranormal romance and even have an epic historical in the works. 

I hope to post regularly about my journey to publication.  If you stumble on this blog by accident (and it would have to be an accident since it's all shiny and new), please leave a comment.  No, really, don't be shy.  I could use some company.

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